Life to woman

15 Jun


The woman skin why so good, how to maintain, There are no ugly woman only lazy. Eat more fruit to the skin. Here to introduce several kinds of fruit, keep skin health, beauty nourish your skin.


The biological scientists curtain, LaoBu DE., the study indicates that immature or half ripe pears, have radiation-proof role, pear mature need a large number of days shoot, which can effectively absorb sun’s rays, the near future, the United States will pear office has silicon valley decimal as the main item, radiation protection they think pear anti-radiation more important than the cactus and aloe vera, and compared with the cactus to stab hand more beautiful.

The sexual flavour is acerbity and flat, non-toxic, have promote the secretion, benefit spleen and stomach drop diarrhoea, inverse of the effect.

Eat more pear than not eat or eat less pear catch a cold low risk. So, scientists and doctors put pear called “all-around health fruit” or called “all-around doctor”. Now the air pollution is severe, eat pears can improve the respiratory system and lung function and protection from air and dust in the lungs the influence of smoke and dust.


Peach rich nutrition: meat, sweet juice contains rich iron, increase the body’s hemoglobin, the ancients says the number, often eat peaches can “benefit”, the reason may be in color the. The contribution of peach, peach in addition to keep blood and flesh kind of nut and remove blood stasis, flat out the role of a cough. Traditional Chinese medicine has a prescription, called the five ren soup, can embellish aperient bowel, blood circulation, the composition is the nut, fire maren, YuLiRen, BaiZiRen and almond, to move bowels dry and blood stasis, liver and especially helps the menopause. Note that the nut can invigorate the by volume, too much or during menstruation unfit to eat. Peach is also out of the gum blindly, and can not only strong tonic drug can adjust again the blood sugar level.

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